Automated Trading Software with Verified Results

DominateFX is an automated trading software (EA) that takes entries based on price action patterns and smart money concepts.

The Strategy

Price Action Entries

Price Action

The DominateFX software takes trade entries based on reversal price action patterns. It also uses RSI and Moving Average indicators to trade with Higher Time Frame bias.

Smart Money Strategy

Smart Money

DominateFX also utilises Smart Money Concepts like trading Imbalances and Order Blocks. Using Price Action & Smart Money Concepts allows DominateFX to have a high success rate.

Advanced Trade Management

The key to DominateFX’s long term success is it’s Advanced Trade Management capabilities. At the heart of this, is our Drawdown Control feature which aims to get out of positions when the market conditions are no longer valid. DominateFX also has equity protection built in.

Watch It Action

Look at the powerful price action entries that DominateFX takes whilst back testing. This video does not show the added Smart Money concepts that DominateFX uses to determine directional bias and also does not factor in news events, but we wanted to share this video with you so you can understand how it trades before downloading a trial.

Sign up for a 14-day trial

We offer a completely free 14-day trial of DominateFX. You can test the software on a demo Mt4 account and see how it performs, you won’t be disappointed.


Upon signing up for the 14-day trial, you will be provided with the DominateFX EA software and full instructions on how to install and activate your licence. At a minimum you will need a computer and a trading account (we will provide you instructions on how to set this up if you haven’t already)

No expertise is required to install and use the EA. One you have installed it, it will trade automatically for you. We provide educational material and weekly recaps so you can learn whilst you use the EA.

This EA uses price action patterns and the 4-hour RSI to enter trades. It also uses Imbalances and Order Blocks to set directional bias. We try to trade with the “Smart Money” however sometimes it is not correct. The EA must connect with our server and cannot be backtested (read why backtesting is unrealiable here)

The DominateFX EA uses a technique called Position Trading.  This means it can open multiple trades in one position. However, this is not to be confused with Grid or Martingale trading strategies. The DominateFX only takes further positions based on overall account risk and price action.  If you use the default settings, you can expect 5-10% drawdown. If you would like to lower the risk, you can change the “iRisk” setting from its default of 1 down to 0.5. With this setting, you can expect 2.5%-5% drawdown.

The DominateFX EA has only 4 settings. Two settings that control risk and lot sizes. The other two settings control which currency pairs to trade.

No, it will trade automatically for you, but it does require you to check that it is running.  You can run the EA by either having your computer switched on 24/7 or investing in a VPS (Virtual Machine) service.

Using the default settings, you can expect the same monthly profit % that is shown on our results page. This could be considered as a low risk version.

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