What’s up people!

Welcome to the first weekly recap for the DominateFX trading software.  This week, we managed to bank 4.48% in profit taking our total profit to 5.10% having secured some profits the week before. We are trading on a $100,000 trading account so the total profit baned was $4,482.91 as shown below.

We are in some negative positions for GBPCAD (short) and EURGBP (long) The Pound has been extremely strong over the past couple of weeks but we should see a pull back sometime next week. The 4-hour RSI has been in an over extended condition since November 21st.The account is currently in 4.12% Drawdown.

This also means that our maximum exposure for GBP pairs has been reached so we will no longer take any trades that involve this pair. The key to becoming a successful Position Trader is by correctly managing your portfoio exposure.

See you next week


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